Quiet Excellence

Quiet Excellence
The noise of the world is very loud most times. Shouting of this accomplishment or paying undue homage to the supposition of an activity yet to actually take place. One morning I was provided with a very unique perspective into this from the side of quiet. I spoke this morning to the administrative staff at the cities largest rehab center. Walking into the facility provided a very visual, deep seated realization of what some among us struggle with. Disability.   People of every age and walk of life. Mothers and brothers. Sisters and daughters. Friends and neighbors. Most in wheelchairs or using walkers. Some unable to move little more than a finger. The people I spoke to today were a part of the army of unsung heroes. Those people charged with the prospect of doing all they can to rehabilitate others faced with some of life's most difficult challenges. They provide support and guidance, skill and dedication and hope. Just hope when for many flickering hope is all there is. The difference they make in the lives of these patients and their families is immeasurable. They don't do what they do for the accolades. They don't do what they do for awards. They don't do what they do to join into the din of the noise of the world drawing attention to their accomplishments. They do what they do to make a difference. We have often heard the adage in life to "Under promise and over deliver".  The example of their work left a stark reminder of the reality of what that looks like. Set the goal then to allow your journey and accomplishments in life to stand for themselves. There are few things in life more humbling to witness than quiet excellence. Have a wonderful day.  
Be well,  
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