Prove It To Me

Prove It To MeWe are without question a "Show me" species.  In pursuit of nearly every goal and every challenge we want to see that the mountain has been conquered and the trail clearly blazed.  Mount Everest is a great example of that.  Give or take a few days this pile of rock has existed for about 60 million years.  Man never set foot on the summit however until May 29,1953.  Sir Edmund Hillary achieved this feat without any proof.  Think about this.  It took 60 million years for the first to set foot on the summit, yet since that time more than 1,500 have conquered it.  I was watching a documentary on it over the weekend with my son and was struck by this incredible lesson.  "Did the mountain somehow shrink after Edmund Hillary made it to the top"?  Of course not. The only thing that shrunk was the doubt. Those 1,500 who have done it in just he past 60 years always had the ability.  They had the tools.  They had the skill.  They had the strength.  All they lacked it would appear was the proof that it had been done before.  Know this. We live in an enviable time.  Most anything and everything we would want to set out to do has been done.  The trail has been blazed. The summit conquered, however, if you do run up against a challenge or goal and don't readily have evidence of it being possible don't wait 60 million years to see if someone else can do it.  Chances are as you move forward others will look to you and say, "Prove it to me".  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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