The event in Las Vegas a number of days ago has once again sucked the oxygen out of the world for hundreds of millions of people.

I understand that it feels like if we talk about it and debate it and stress over it and share the anguish of those we never knew that somehow, someday, something will change. But it won’t. Not like that.

As someone who spent 20 years in the media, I know all too well the mechanism under which it toils. The media’s mandate is to find a tragedy and exploit it for all its worth. A number of years ago after being out of it for a while I wrote an article called,


What I finally realized is that what is purported to be the news is just a collection of train wrecks and tragedies with an occasional panda birth thrown in for good measure.

“We are getting what we are getting by doing what we are doing. In order to have something different, we must do something different”

In order for IT, to change WE must change. What happened in Los Vegas was ONE ACT. As horrific as it was, that in effect is what it was. Just ONE ACT. Our time has come to know that the only way we can change what goes on in our world is to know that we all have the ability to take part in,

ONE ACT ourselves every day

ONE ACT, counter to the negatives thrust at us at every turn

ONE ACT of kindness is what every one of us can

ONE ACT of bravery

ONE ACT of courage

ONE ACT of compassion

ONE ACT of determination

ONE ACT of a willingness to help

ONE ACT to forgive

ONE ACT to love

ONE ACT to reach out

ONE ACT to understand

ONE ACT to set an example for the children who watch us and who will inherit this planet.

Here’s what I know for sure. Change starts just as simply as the next word appears on the page in front of me.

I can take part in ONE ACT

YOU can take part in ONE ACT

Here’s what you can also do

You can share this with others you know and love and they can all take part in ONE ACT and so on and so on and so on and so on.   You have to know that through our individual power and a desire to change and our commitment and our families and communities and the human spirit we CAN change this.

Please share this with everyone you know and become part of this movement that tonight began by just having my emotions pour out on this page.  I pray it will take hold and be driven by the power of millions.

Will you be that ONE ACT?

Be well,

Randy Taylor


Taylormade Leadership

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