More Than 300 Billion Reasons To Win

300While we are all provided with a level playing field with what we are born with there is no doubt that geography can impact where we go and who we become. Accepting the fact that we are all given one incredible machine with which to go through life with, (75 trillion cells working in near perfect unison for as much as a hundred years and the calculating power of a brain we can't even compute) where this machine ends up does matter. Here's what you and I and everyone reading this have. Opportunity. More opportunity than we can possibly imagine. We have security and food. Health care and clean drinking water. Education and transportation. We have it all. On top of all of this we have a consumer market that is almost beyond comprehension. I believe the trouble most of us have is that we think too small. We see our business as one client and one deal and one transaction rather than what the reality is. We have skills and honesty and integrity to bring to the marketplace that do not appeal to just one. If you think about it for just a moment what you have to offer appeals to more people and more potential clients than you could imagine. A couple of brothers back in 1955 had the vision to look beyond that first customer. They realized what they were selling appealed to more than just the locals in their community. Not many people knew much about them back then but the name McDonald has become somewhat of a household name. After a discussion with my son we went online and found out that the answer to 'how many' turned out to be "More than 300 billion served". Think of just how staggering that is. Here's what also became apparent to me. Those customers were there when the first burger came off the grill back in 1955. They were always there. They just needed a reason to buy one from the McDonald brothers. Know this. The potential for what you have to offer is so far beyond what you are allowing yourself to believe its staggering. Do this then. Dream big. Believe big. Market big, and know that the world is just waiting for what it is you have to offer. Whether you know it or not there are more than 300 billion reasons to win. Have an excellent day.
Be well,
Randy Taylor
Taylormade Leadership

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