Make Someone Feel like A Million Dollars

Make Someone Feel like A Million DollarsAll that we do has a cause and affect.  An action and anticipated outcome.  That's what life is. Its what drives us to get up in the morning and to do what needs to be done before bed.  We eat for joy and sustenance.  We work for money to maintain our lifestyle.  We also act and interact with others for the social fulfillment and joy of being connected.  I have written about this before in that most all that we do is directed towards making us smile.  One of the most often overlooked ways to activate those 11 muscles in our face is having a positive impact on another.  My little girl taught me that lesson yesterday.  We were driving back from getting groceries and one of my favorite CD's was playing in the car. Josh Hines.  (Give him a listen. He's really amazing)  Anyway, while driving along I started singing to the song and heard my daughter begin to sing along as well.  I stopped and turned to look at her and there she sat with a big smile on her face belting out what words she knew.  A moment later she looked at me and said, "Sing daddy, sing".  and so I did.  Whenever I stopped she piped in again with "Sing daddy, sing".  Up until now the only request I had for my singing was from my shower.  She didn't judge how well I was singing, she just loved it when I did.  It made me feel like a million bucks.  It really did and she got such joy from it.  I began thinking after that just how much joy the giver receives when they light up the world for another.  The cause then is the compliment. The affect is a shared joy that is hard to come by.  It doesn't take any special skill.  It doesn't cost a dime and there is never a limit to who you can give this to or when.  If you want to have a cause that creates a great affect do that then.  Make someone feel like a million dollars.  Have an excellent day.
Be well,
Randy Taylor


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