Listen To Your Mom's Advice To Win

Title I work in the world of coaching. All throughout life we have access to a coach.  Our teachers and guidance counsellors. Hockey coaches and

baseball coaches and piano coaches and career coaches. The entire concept truly represents one of the great deals of the century. One individual takes what they have learned over an entire lifetime and shares their experience and wisdom through teaching and coaching and mentoring with another. Taking note of and making use of this experience is in itself wise and has the potential to propel a life far beyond the current level of potential. One of the greatest coaches in life who far too often gets little notice or accolade is mom.  I read a line today that I'm sure has been instilled into the childhood of the masses for generations. It is this. 

"Just do your best".  If you took heed of this with you on the balance of the journey of life you would be so well served. Doing what's right.  Doing our best not just today but over and over. Today and tomorrow and next week and next month and next year. Success is not the explosion one day of a supernova but rather the supernova you become each day simply doing your best. You've had the formula all along. Listen to your mom's advice to win.  Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor

Taylormade Leadership

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