Life Is What You Make It

This statement reminded me of a person that had such a profound affect on me a long time ago.  This person, then not much more than a teen was on television telling about his life experience.  I think it resonated at the time because we were about the same age.  Both of our mother's took a drug that was meant to control morning sickness.  That is where the similarities ended.  I came into this world in an uneventful way.  He was born with only small flippers where his arms and legs should have been.  The drug was thalidomide.  I will forever remember his interview.  He was asked "Are you bitter about what happened to you and the limitations you have in life because of this drug?"  Very matter of fact, he looked into the camera and said, "Look, I've been like this all of my life. I don't know what it is like to have arms and legs. I feel for people who were born with them and then lost them at some point.  Besides, life is what you make it".   Listen to his words and allow them to sink in.  Perspective.  That's what this is all about.  Compared to the cards he was dealt, just imagine what you can make with what you were given... Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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