Know That It Will But Not When

Life unfolds, well, at the speed of life. While many of us look at the not knowing as a constant distraction, in truth it is the not knowing that makes life interesting and gives credence to the prize. Whatever we are looking forward to comes with the absolute that it will show up on time and in perfect order relative to how all the actions and interactions of life combine to produce a result. Since we were kids in the back seat of our parents car we have been asking "are we there yet?" While we became conditioned to continue to ponder and ask, much to our parent chagrin, we did arrive right? That same question continues for us all today.  When will the client call back? When will I get the raise? When will my child learn to walk?  While we don't get to know the timing, in the absolute majority of the cases it does come about. It does happen. Just not hugging the time line we had forecast.  Four years ago this month was one of those days I didn't get to know. I had ACL reconstruction surgery. Know That It Will But Not WhenI had a similar operation on the other leg nearly 30 years before. I had a rough idea of the process but the reality is I really didn't know when the crutches will be put away. When walking with a limp will stop. When jogging will begin and when the day will finally come when I step back on the squash court once again to play a game that I love. Here is what I am absolutely certain of. I would start to jog and bike and build it back up. That's what I am focusing on.  That point of light seemed very far off in the distance. Like all situations I'm happy to report it did arrive. When was that part of the equation that was beyond my control.  Here is what I was in control of was how hard I worked to bring it back. That's all. Just to invest in the activity that moves the process forward. That is a constant for us all.  To focus on that point of light and to not stop.  Here is what this all means I guess.  Whatever you are in pursuit of know that it will but not when.  Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor


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