It Just Comes Down To You

Putting our daily pursuits into perspective is what fascinates me every day.  One of the challenges I'm sure we all  have is the game of numbers. We live in a world of over 7 billion. A continent of 330 million.  Cities of hundreds of thousands and companies stretching into the thousands. This came to light today at a meeting for the United Way. I am a member of the campaign cabinet for York Region and have been charged with the duty of recognizing and improving relationships with local businesses. The numbers at first blush are daunting. The united way serves 1 in 3 in the region. That's more 270,000 people each year. Again it's easy to get lost in the numbers. Here's what it truly is. It Just Comes Down To YouHelping just one child living on the streets.  Helping one senior who is lonely and alone.  Reaching out to one new Canadian lost in a sea of confusion. When we change the perspective from the numbers to the reality here is what happens. We realize we can make a difference.  We matter.  If it's one dollar or one hour to volunteer that's where the difference truly comes from. This same approach can permeate all aspects of life. Understanding that it comes down to me makes it possible to call one more client. To read one more book to my children. To pick up one more piece of trash off the street. Think about this. The power of one is what our society is based on and every four years we all get the opportunity to have such an impact as to elect a government. Don't get faked out by the numbers. Truth is it just comes down to you. Have an excellent day.

Be well,

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