If Water Did Not Exist

If Water Did Not ExistWhat can happen along the way towards our goal is that the wrong thing gets into our head.  There are a thousand potential avenues from which negative information can be taken in, but the end result is the same.  If the wrong information is taken in too often it begins to affect our belief system.  The minute a belief falters and becomes a doubt our goal is in jeopardy.  Understanding the process is the first step.  Doing what it takes to reverse it is what is required if we are to arrive at our destination.  I was going through some old notes today and came across an analogy I had written some years ago.  It was about this exact process.  I was relating how information affects us and wrote about the observation that if water did not exist not one of us on earth would be afraid of drowning.  Of course it does and so the fear exists, but the fact remains that from the outset it is the intake of information that begins to impact our belief system.  With water, I wrote, we all have the ability to dispel the fear.  How we do this is to adapt and learn the skill that removes the psychological challenge.  With water, this is overcome by learning to swim.  Our first few forays into the pool filled most of us with fear.  Today, those of us who have learned to swim have turned that fear into enjoyment.  The same holds true for most every aspect of life.  Our fear of poverty can be removed by education and a great work ethic.  The fear of poor health dissipates when we take charge, eat better and exercise.  The lesson is that we can overcome doubts with what we learn.  Learning the skill of swimming overcomes the fear of drowning.  The fear of isolation dissolves through the commitment to and creation of a solid family.  Here is what this all means I guess. We can't wish things away that impact our belief system but we can do something about it and reverse the impact on our belief.  Here is what we can do then. When faced with a doubt, know that we would never fear drowning if water did not exist.  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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