How to create unlimited wealth

(or anything you want)

The process to create anything is as old as time. Everything we have ever created... right down to the plastic nibs on our shoelaces follows this process from start to finish.

  • Thought (everything ever created began with a thought)
  • Action (creation has always taken some form of action)
  • Result (action must continue until a result is produced)
  • Success (success is not possible without the preceding 3 steps)

Now here’s an important tidbit to the process. The more concentrated the effort, the straighter the path…………..the faster the result shows up.

If you want to become a swimmer it may not shred your belief system that practicing 7 days a week will stop you from drowning faster than once a week. Agree?

Okay, then doesn’t it make sense that the more you stay on course and keep at it, the faster your dreams will show up?

Here’s where my psychic ability shows up. Right about now you are saying,

“So if this is true and so straight forward, then why is it so hard for so many to have what they want”

Ah, great question. The answer opens the door to changing all of it. For anyone.

What happens to you and to most everyone is that we get distracted.


I’ve been speaking to audiences for years and suggesting that if they STOP STOPPING they can have anything. The question I pose is this.

“If you set a goal, find out what’s necessary to achieve it, begin to invest in the activity and you don’t stop is any goal possible”?

The answer is a resounding, Duh, of course. (short of being center for the Lakers) So what happens then is most people stop. The have the thought, they begin some form of activity and then something stops them. Right? So what is it?

Almost always there are no physical barriers.

No laws preventing the continuation of activity.

What it comes down to is simple. It’s a distraction.

What distraction?

It’s a voice normally hidden in the deep recesses of the mind that starts to argue with what you are doing. Lets give it a name so we can visualize it and see this thief in your mind. The voice belongs to someone I’m going to call-


Willard you see is the spokesperson for everyone and everything around you dredging up old experiences and old roadblocks. The spokesman is one guy, someone we call,


who is looking to chirp in and give HIS opinion why what you want may not work now, today or ever. Willard is clever, cunning, convincing and appears to really care about your welfare.

“Oh, don’t get your hopes up so high” Willard says. “What you want doesn’t happen for millions of others. Of course it’s not likely going to happen for you”.

Best not throw yourself into this and risk anything or everything. Better to stay where you are and not become what you secretly dream of. And so we stop.

But... you don’t have to ever again. The first step then is to become proficient at ignoring WILLARD.

  • Learn to know his lies.
  • Become familiar with his jealousy of progress.
  • Sidestep his cunning and seemingly logical constant arguments against your true potential and ultimate success.

In order to have and become all you can be, you must learn to divorce yourself from HIM.

You must become the driver of your own life in all aspects. If you choose to continue to listen to him, will you not continue to let go of who you are really capable of being?

What you do comes down to CHOICE and from this day forward you are to become the one YOU CHOOSE to listen to. Write this down, keep it with you and repeat it every day. Often,

  • The thoughts I have are the thoughts I CHOOSE
  • The mood I’m in is the mood I CHOOSE
  • The actions I take are the actions I CHOOSE
  • The results I create are the results I CHOOSE
  • The life I live is the life I CHOOSE

Will learning this once or repeating it a few times shut Willard out and put you on the path to what you have always been deserving of?

Uh, let me think for a minute.

Of course not

So do this then. Make the choice right now that you are going to write this down and repeat it to yourself every day. Like the swimmer, the more often you jump into the pool of your own potential the faster Willard’s voice will trail off in the distance.

Here’s your first test. Will YOU CHOOSE to do this. Willard is hoping you won’t. I SURE HOPE YOU DO!

Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor

Taylormade Leadership

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