How far will all of this go?

How far will all of this go? I think that thing that holds so many of us back from the point of beginning is that we don't know how it will turn out. We hit the pause button, waiting for what we hope will feel like the perfect moment of when to begin that thing that will propel us into the stratosphere of our dreams. I have come to find out that there is no perfect time to begin. The saying, "The best time to plant a tree for shade is 40 years ago. The second best time is today" is the absolute truth for us all. We can't go back to the day when perhaps we should have started our journey towards what we truly want but we can start today. Last night I shared with a lecture room full of people a dream that has been inside of me for a very long time. Last night was the launch of what began as a hope and a passion to help as many people as I can to stop trading life for money. To find what they love and do that. It's called "Looking Forward to Mondays". My goal is to share this with enough people that it will start something. That it will begin to change the way we think about how we live and how important it is to live with passion and purpose. My hope is that what began last night will start conversations. That it will be the beginning of parents putting aside the fears they have of how their children will earn a living and exchange that for how they will find their passion and make it their life. Last night was the first step. A beginning of what I know will be a very long process. I am a patient man. I am also more excited than I can tell you to have watched people walk out of that room holding copies of the books and success journal workbooks of "Looking Forward to Mondays". I know these will be the seeds that will help them find their passion and make it their life. More than anything I am hoping to hear the stories one day of great and exciting lives that grew from this moment. Here's what all this means I guess. In order to have it happen, we must begin. We must start that thing that we are moved by. When we do and only when we do will we ever get to know the true answer to this question. "How far will all of this go"? I'm certain further than we could ever imagine. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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