"Gratitudes big and small".

Taking time to reflect on what we have and to feel grateful is a magical component in life. It allows for more. It makes room. It fights back against that feeling of "I'm not worthy" and so much more. Expressing our gratitude in the way of thanks to others allows the light to shine and for another to blossom. Expressing gratitude for ourselves and what we have provides for much the same. I think a good deal of this gets mired in our perception of what gratitude is as we are reminded over and over again growing up to use our "Pleases and thank you's". As a result we begin to look upon gratitude as a function of societal manners instead of what it truly is. My little girl (she's 2) taught me this lesson late yesterday afternoon. We were sitting in the sandbox building a castle when a leaf fluttered down from a tree overhead and landed in her lap. She instantly picked it up, smiled, looked up and said, "Oh, thank you tree". I know it just appears like a cute little thing that a small child would do but here's what I think. She thanked the tree because she felt it, not because she was told its the right thing to do. Again, remarkable lessons can come from those who live closer to the ground if we take the time to watch and listen. Take heed of this. When you consider being thankful allow it to come from your heart and not your head. More will come to us in life if we focus on the gratitudes big and small. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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