Go Where The Kites Go

Go Where The Kites Go
I get asked this all the time, "Is there a point where this gets easier. This personal growth thing I mean"? Fair question. Honest question. The truth is that when we embark on any new journey or move towards a newly discovered goal or dream it takes us into uncharted territory and outside of our comfort zone.  
I noticed an interesting correlation one day between personal growth and flying a kite. My son has been dying to take out his new kite and fly it. On this day the wind was perfect sooff we went across the road into the school playground. Even though the conditions were perfect. Even though the kite was new and up for the challenge. Even though I had told my boy that I was a champion kite flyer (dads embellish) the early minutes of flight were rocky to say the least. Running across the field and letting out string the kite appeared to be buffeted and battered from side to side as it began its climb. It was not going straight up but zig zagging back and forth on its ascent. There were moments when I thought my status in my boy's eyes may be dashed if this kite had its way and came crashing back to earth. The higher it climbed the more it pulled on the chord connecting it to the bonds of earth. As it soared the stronger winds up there seemed to push it on course towards its destination.  
Back here on earth that's what it's like right? In the early going when we are trying to get our dreams off the ground, they are buffeted and battered around by the voices of society that surround us, threatening the very life of what always begins as a spark. As the spark of our dreams take form and begin to actually become something real and substantive, the voices of the naysayers begin to drift off into the distance. Know this then. When in the early days of embarking on a dream, the winds will buffet you in the early going. If you stick with it the force of your own forward motion will carry you higher and higher. I guess its just nature's way of making sure only the kites that earn it get to fly with the eagles. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  

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