For What They Will Say

For What They Will Say
There are a great many reasons to do what we do everyday.  To make money, to feed our children, to contribute to the economy and many more.  Like Maslow's hierarchy of needs, right up near the top shelf is the musing of the question, "Did I make a difference?"   
On top of all of the other reasons why we go to work everyday, for most, the greatest reward is when we get to feel that we made a difference.  I had the chance to present at a region meeting of a large firm.  At the end of the presentation I was taking questions and a consultant stood up.  I knew who he was.  He was one of my first coaching clients from many years ago.  This person, unknown to me, wanted to share his experience with everyone who was there in very personal terms.  He told his story about how I had helped him to really believe in himself again, to shed the fear of big dreams and to take real action to move from where he was to where he is now.  A place he had not imagined was possible just a few short years ago.  
Make no mistake he is the one who did the work to go from where he was to where he is.  I just had the opportunity to hold up the glass and show him what was inside.  Also make no mistake that seeing the result of this work and knowing I was a part of it and hearing him share his story with others made my day and my week and likely my month.  
It's human nature to want to share good experiences.  To want to trumpet the skills of those we have worked with in the past.  It's the currency of human tribal psychology to want to share good news and tested connectors with others.  There is also no greater paycheck in the world than being recognized for making a difference.  
Set your goal for the future then with every client you are so fortunate to work with that you will take such good care of them that they can't wait to tell their peers about what you have done for them.  A referral is never just asked for.  It's earned.  Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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