Find Your Happy Place and Stay There

Find Your Happy Place and Stay There
We all want to just be happy. To have that euphoric feeling pulse through out body and mind. To replace stress and fear and doubt with the feeling of being happy.   Everything we do is driven to accomplish that simple human emotion. Freud purported that everything we do and everything that drives us is related in some way to sex. That may be part of it but that's not really it. I believe our true focus of life is centered on those simple 11 muscles in our face that make us smile. Happiness is the ultimate prize of our time here.   The reality of why it appears so difficult to find and hold onto happiness is that we can't seem to hold onto it. I want you to know that it has been with you and in you all along. Happiness is rooted in gratitude. Stay with me. That euphoric feeling of happiness we all feel from time to time is in fact momentary gratitude. Gratitude welling into happiness when we make the sale, get the girl, buy the car, finish the marathon or experience the birth of a child. It is our momentary gratitude that creates the feeling, produces the chemicals or neuropetides in our brain that causes the feeling. The reason we experience so little happiness is that we allow our moments of gratitude to be so fleeting. Here is what typically happens. We have an experience. It causes us to have gratitude that produces the chemicals that makes us feel happy. And then we let it go after such a short time and go running across the field for the next instant fix of happy. The answer then is to begin to condition yourself to live in a state of gratitude. Don't just feel it once. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for all that we have over and over and over again.   Consider this. What if you had that amazing feeling from a positive experience not just once but over and over again. Savor the prize. All we need do is to shut off the world, quiet the noise and allow that feeling of gratitude to well up inside of us for our family and our home and our job and our friends and our car and our health and our, well, fill in the blank. Here's what all of this means I guess. We all have the ability to be happy every day. See that we have so much in our lives, let go of the petty challenges of the world and shift from the constant search for the next high to knowing you have it within you and can turn it on any time that you choose. It's the reason we exist. It's the reason we are here. It was even written into the American Constitution. "The pursuit of happiness".   Do this.   Go find your happy place and stay there. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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