Failing on the Way to Success

There is no straight path to victory.  There just isn't .  It never was and never will be that way.  Along the way to our destination we can be almost certain that the pitfalls and obstacles will challenge our resolve.  For many the sad reality is that they stop.  They become convinced that this one challenge is the battle to end all battles and we wave the white flag of surrender.  For others it only serves to strengthen and teach.  While waiting for an appointment I was leafing through a book.  It told the story of the failures of history that brought about positive change.  The one story that caught my eye was about President John F Kennedy.  I've always been a student of that era and although just a boy recall the end of Camelot.  The story told of a plot hatched by the backroom men of the CIA under US President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  This plot was then inherited by a young president by the name of John Kennedy.  Against his better judgment he caved in and agreed to the plan.  A plan held out of sight of the American people.  A plan that would implode and fail miserably.  A plan later referred to as The Bay of Pigs.  A year and a half later Kennedy would be tested again.  The Soviets thought his initial failure was a sign of weakness.  What they did not count on was the incredible resolve and courage of character that misstep created.  Known as the October Crisis President Kennedy formed a blockade in the waters surrounding Cuba and demanded Russia remove the nuclear weapons they had begun to assemble on the island.  The world held its breath as it waited for all out nuclear war.  From this failure the young president held his ground and stared down the enemy.  Russia blinked and withdrew the nuclear warheads.  What the president learned Perspectives - The Power to Change from Within by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)from failure he was able to apply to the potential saving of the world.  I know that not all lessons learned or all failures endured have the potential for an outcome of this magnitude but I do know this.  The pages of history are stained with the blood sweat and tears of those great men and women who were failing on the way to success.  Have an excellent day. Randy Taylor
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