Enjoy As You Grow

Enjoy As You Grow

I am challenged everyday to put this world of personal growth into perspective. Working against the grain of society that drives and perpetuates the notion of instant success and gratification is likely my greatest challenge. Often the obstacle that most encounter on the road to success is that it takes time. Sometimes hours. Sometimes days or weeks or months or even years.  In many cases the error we can easily make while on the journey is to negate the enjoyment of the day while in pursuit of the goal.


One very simple and powerful way to combat this is to include "you" in your day's efforts to grow. Set the goal each day to include something special just for you, so that there is always something positive to reflect on when your own forward motion may not be evident in the mirror. Get into the habit of including something for "you" in each day. It could be lunch with a close friend. 20 minutes to read your favourite new book.


15 minutes to meditate. A trip to the gym or your favourite store or restaurant. A walk by yourself or to steal away 20 minutes with your spouse. Think of your experience of each day like this. A drive in the car no doubt will take us to our destination. Make certain that you enjoy the drive. If you do, you just might look forward to the next trip. Have an excellent day.
Be well,
Randy Taylor


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