Emotion. The Secret Ingredient

Emotion. The Secret Ingredient
There are three elements to life that produce results. They are opportunity, plan and activity.  Without these three, life has the tendency to stay where it is.  Look at where we live.  Opportunity surrounds us everyday in the marketplace, in our communities and families.  The chance to create a plan once a goal is chosen is available to you right this minute.  Taking action is the spark that can ignite thought and push it towards the beginnings of physical reality.  
I'm certain I am not telling you anything you don't already know.  The one ingredient that has the potential to explode it all is emotion. Up until the age of 28, I was living like most do today.  I was on the treadmill of trading life for money.  Once I moved away from that philosophy and invested emotion, everything changed.  And you know what?  It hasn't changed back since. Attaching emotion to opportunity or plan or action, creates something that we don't entirely understand but can quantify.  Emotion is necessary to create great relationships.  Emotion is essential to make possible creativity.  Emotion is the most important element of the Law of Attraction.  Emotion creates the vibration of thought and sends it out into the universe.  It is this vibration that attracts others into your life.  It attracts opportunity, both good and bad relative to the emotions and their related vibrations.  Guard well and protect from the emotions that bring what we don't want into our lives.  
Think of it this way.  Opportunity, plan and action are the base ingredients of the recipe of life.  If you truly want to feast on a great meal everyday, take the time to sprinkle all three liberally with emotion.  Have an excellent day,  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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