Don't Have A Plan
Oh, how often we allow ourselves to get faked out into settling for less than we want. Less than we deserve. I spoke with a client who is going through a challenge. We all go through them. During the conversation about this challenge it was brought up that what had been defined as their goal would now likely have to change as a result of the situation. I could feel myself almost jumping through the phone, deflecting their hand away from pushing the "plan B" switch.  
Setbacks along the way in life are merely the little speed bumps put in our way to test if what we say we want, we really want. Once you know what you want, know there is nothing that can stop you. I talk often about the Stockdale Paradox. The story of John Stockdale, the highest-ranking officer held in a prisoner of war camp during Viet Nam. He was held for eight years and was beaten, tortured, starved and suffered disease. When asked many years later why he lived when almost everyone else died he said it was because the others were optimists. He went on to say that those who died would say, "We'll be out by Christmas, or my son's birthday or Thanksgiving". Sadly the days would come and the days would go and over time they lost their will to live and they died. John Stockdale said, "The day I was captured I made up my mind that I did not know how and I did not know when but I absolutely knew that one day I would be free. And that's what saved my life".  
This simple philosophy is not only what saves lives; it's what saves dreams as well. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  

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