Don't Give Your Consent

Don't Give Your ConsentYou have choice.  I have choice.  We were all born with choice but somewhere along the path of life it would appear that we begin to lose it.  Having choice is the ability to make decisions.  The right decisions.  Decisions that your neighbour or partner or friend or the world may not agree with but decisions that are right for you nonetheless.  As we travel along throughout life the opinions of others begin to chip away at our ability to choose and we our "choice" starts to resemble more of what we are told to do rather than what we should do.  I think deep down inside we all know this to be true but the power of public opinion becomes so strong that we acquiesce and bend with the wind.  This is the nail in the coffin of an authentic life.  Without choice there is no authenticity.  Only a mirror image of opinion.  My wife and I had a "date" tonight and while driving through downtown Toronto I glanced over at a sign on the side of a Chiropractic office while waiting for a light.  The sign read, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".  There is a line that puts what happens to us all into perspective.  Adopt it as your own.  Ingrain this deep into your belief system and guard it with all that you have inside.  If you do, maybe, just maybe you will get to live the life you are deserving of rather than the one the world thinks you should live.  Next time someone, anyone offers up an opinion on your life, don't give your consent.  Have an excellent day.

  Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!

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