Don't ever stop asking

Don't ever stop asking. The great clue of what will bring us what we need is clearly cited in the bible. It states, "Ask and ye shall receive". It doesn't say think about asking. It says ask. Funny thing that happens on the way through life. Over and over and over again this great philosophy is beaten out of us. "You should not ask for too much. Don't be greedy. Wait until someone offers. Never ask first" and so it goes. This would appear from all sides to be a flawed philosophy. This is completely counter to the Law of Attraction that clearly denotes that we "ask". I was reminded of this over and over and over and over and over again while out shopping with my boy. I picked him up from school and had him tag along on a few errands. We went to Toy R Us to look for a flotation device for this little sister in the pool. On the trip into and out of the store I lost count of how many things he asked if he could have. Next it was on to Canadian Tire for a new hose and spray nozzle. The same drill. "Dad, can I have that Frisbee. Dad can I have a new bike. Dad can we get a new tent. Dad, dad, dad, dad". After that it was on to Loblaws to pick up a few things for dinner. The list there included coloring books, BBQ chips, Sprite, a chocolate bar and a live lobster. I was about ready to do as all parents do when they hit the wall, but Instead of telling him to stop asking I started to laugh. Half because this was something every parent goes through and half because I realized that he was the one who had it right. He just kept asking. (I should say that he did manage to squeeze out a pack of Pokemon cards) I thought about it on the drive home and realized that not asking is just existing. Not asking is just going through the motions without purpose or plan or destination. Hardly the formula for success. Here's what all this means I guess. If you want then you must ask. If you want more in life it all begins with the asking. Don't be shy. Live like a six year old and don't ever stop asking. Have an excellent.
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