Did I Pass?

All progress provides a benchmark.  All success can be measured.  All future growth will be judged by past experiences.  One of the great examples of the measurement of success is our education system.  We sat down with our son tonight and discussed his report card. There was plenty of room for praise.  There was also room to discuss improvement.  Here is what came of the discussion. He agreed that if he had applied himself he would have easily been able to make it straight A's.  Truth is we need to be measured.  We should pay more attention to our education system and the transition to our adult lives.  After all, the learning curve we go through in school is never replicated.  While in school we grow and grow and grow.  Then when our education is complete we believe that's the end of, well, our education.  I have written before of the fact that 46% of all university graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives after graduating.  One of the reasons for this incredible growth curve while in school is the measuring.  We are measured on all subjects, on all skill levels and every aspect of work ethic.  It would make sense then to continue on with what is working long after our formal education is done.  We need to measure ourselves on all aspects of our jobs and lives.  We need to test our knowledge on a regular basis if we are to grow.  We need to be accountable to ourselves so that we are not squandering our time here and appreciate the cost of a day.  In case you were wondering, its priceless!  Here's what this all means I guess.  If we hope to grow we must be measured.  Do this. Stop often along the way and ask this question.  Did I pass?  Have an excellent day.   Be Well,   Randy Taylor   Buy These Books!
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