Death Of The Dictator

We are witnessing incredible change around the world.  People are rising up and pushing back against repressive regimes and dictators.  People want to be heard.  They want rights.  They want to be in charge of their own lives and their own destiny and to be allowed to exercise their God given right to pursue their dreams.  This challenge, spurred on by the power of technology and communication is putting them at great personal risk.  A risk they have decided in balance is the lesser evil pared against their current situation.  This change I have noted is coming not only from those in repressed countries. It's also afoot here and in free countries around the world.  It is happening in the workplace.  We hear the charge from corporations and employers all the time that they struggle constantly with productivity.  Here is the reality.  Perspectives - The Power of Why by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social) Times have changed.  The social fabric has changed.  The ideals of the workplace and the expectations of the workforce are changing.  Gone are the days of the corporate "stick" mentality.  "I pay your salary, therefore you will do what you are told or I will bring out the stick and scare you" was the old adage.  A couple of years ago an IPSOS Reid pole showed that 84% of Canadians said that they would be looking for a new job in 2011.  This is a staggering wake up call to a great many employers.  What should also be noted is that in employee satisfaction surveys, salary or remuneration almost never makes the top three.  Making a difference, belonging and mattering always make the top three.  Great leaders know that focusing on purpose creates productivity, not the other way around.  In this new age in which we are all looking for self-actualization it is critical to tap into that and not push against it.  Understanding and helping to foster the "why" is the cornerstone to building great organizations.  True leadership today is creating the environment where your people "want" to win.  Here are 4 things you can do that will align your organization to attract and keep the best and brightest. 1. Ask them "why" they want to be on your team. 2. Ask them "how" they like to be treated and challenged. 3. Ask them "what" success in your organization looks like for them. 4. Ask their "opinion" on how they could help to make the organization stronger. Just imagine for a moment how many of the 84% who said they would be looking for a new job this year are saying that primarily because they don't feel like they matter.  Imagine the incredible talent pool that is at your disposal if that is what you offer?  Know this.  Times have changed.  The genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back.  If you want to build a team of extraordinary winners and attract and keep the best, I would humbly offer that 2011 marked the death of the dictator.  Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor
Taylormade Leadership

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