Change Happens At The Speed Of Life

Change Happens At The Speed Of Life
Change is like the elusive rainbow. We know they exist but it's all but impossible to watch one form. In a group coaching session we were talking about one component from the program, which is what I call "Current Moment Consciousness" or improving the ability to focus. I commented that if I were a child today I would likely have been the poster boy for Ritalin. This was not something I had thought about for a very long time. My ability to focus years ago was a great challenge. Today it has become one of my strengths. The reason being that when change happens, it occurs so slowly and in most cases without much fanfare.  
Almost all growth and change happens that way. The challenge to continue on the path towards success in any arena is to continue on without really being able to pinpoint change happening in the moment. I wrote a quote a few months ago that I think puts the required effort to achieve anything into context. "Commitment is the continuation of an activity in the apparent absence of results". Know this. That if you invest in the necessary action that change and growth is happening. If you still have doubts try this. Stare at an acorn and try and observe it becoming an oak tree. It will you know. But it will happen at the speed of life. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  

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