Calories In, Calories Out

Calories In, Calories Out
We are all familiar with the term and there is a scientific equation to this. It takes 3500 calories to create a pound of weight. Conversely, it takes the burning of 3500 calories to lose a pound of weight. As a point of interest the losing equates to about seven hours of aerobic exercise. The 3500 calories by the way is about equal to two big Mac combos supersized. One combo would then cost you three and a half hours of aerobic exercise to burn it off. I don't know about you but nothing tastes that good. I should mention by the way that this entry is not about nutrition but life.  
While driving from one presentation to another I flipped from listening to music on my iPod to the radio to check traffic. Part of the deal of getting traffic I have come to understand is that it comes with a daily dose of the horror report. In the 60 seconds leading up to traffic I was enlightened about another young person being gunned down, now sporting a toe tag at the morgue. I was frightened once again by the stories of doom and gloom and of human peril and agony. Amazing how much wonderful news I could ingest in just 60 seconds. After traffic I went back to my iPod and listened to Pavarotti fill my car with emotion. It was powerful and uplifting. The truth is that one song filled me up with emotions I can't describe any other way than positive and powerful. He made me feel like I could soar like his voice. When the song was finished that was when I thought of the weight loss analogy. Calories in, calories out. Pavarotti likely burned off the story of the shooting and the threat of nuclear build up. It would take a few more uplifting songs I thought to overcome the rest. Where would my day be on balance I thought if I had only listened to this music and not taken in the so-called news? The truth is above the grade. Consider the deluge of negative information that comes from your radio and newspaper and television as a supersized big Mac. If you did not have it and still worked out, imagine how much better you would feel? Life is like that. If you keep feeding your mind well, your life is what will become supersized. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  

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