But What About Now?

But What About Now?
Here's a big challenge we face everyday. Just being here. Just focusing on what we are doing and try to get the most from it. One night after work I sat on one the those little blue chairs, surrounding the little blue table that has become Faith's craft table in the kitchen. It's where she often convenes the meeting of the minds of like 4 and 5 year olds. Tonight it was just her and I, sitting there coloring pictures of Cinderella characters printed off the internet. Its fascinating to sit and have a grown up conversation with a five year old, because the answers you get are so honest and matter of fact. Little time or effort is every put into massaging their response to make it fit the occasion.  
Here is a question I asked her. "So what do you think will be the most fun thing to do when you get big"? You know what his answer was? "Coloring pictures with you daddy". What a great lesson that came from just that simple answer. In the moment when asked what would be the most fun, it was "this" moment that came to mind. Being only 5 she has such a great capacity to just be here. To enjoy every minute of every day and to see what he is doing at any given moment as the prize. If we sit for just a split second, we can see that she is right, right? There is nothing more precious that this exact moment in time. Whatever you are doing should be relished and taken in and enjoyed. If we as adults, (the big people with the mortgage payments) took heed of this simple philosophy, so much joy would come from life, we would quickly begin to wonder how we ever lived without it. That's the lesson I guess. See the prize in every moment. The truth is, there won't always be Cinderella pictures to color. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  

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