Born fearless

"Born fearless". The consistent theme to what I write and what I believe and what I teach is that the absolute majority of the challenges in life that keep out dreams at bay are the behaviors and negative beliefs we develop over the years. What I see happen again and again is that a negative experience leads to doubt, doubt to fear, fear to paralysis. The question I am sure that many have today is "But once I have a behavior or fear can I get rid of it"? The answer is every time. What was created can be undone. Every time. This is not merely my philosophy but science. Twice yesterday I got to see the absolute absence of fear, again proving the point that it does not come from who we are but rather what we have experienced. My little girl is 2 and I had the chance to take time off in the morning and take her into the pool. All decked out in her bright new pink swimsuit, there she sat on the in-wall stairs splashing away. Then without warning she decided she wanted to know what it was like in the pool itself so she stood up and just jumped in. She was over her head before I could react and brought her up coughing and sputtering. I thought that would have an affect but the fear was still held at bay. She tried it again about a dozen times only now I was prepared. Then later in the afternoon her grandparents were over watching her and on the way to the backyard she stood on the second stair of the deck and decided to just jump the last two. Thanks to a fast moving grandmother who caught her in mid-air she escaped injury. If she keeps this up I expect she'll be getting a call from Cirque du Solei any day now. Here's what all this means I guess. We were all just like my little girl. We were all born without fear. We were all born without doubt. We were all born with exactly what we need to become anything we want. If we do the work we all can undo what has been done. The answer can be found in the name of my little daredevil. Her name is Faith. Born fearless. Have an excellent day.
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