Anything Can Change

Anything.  Period.  All we need is the desire and the method.  The method can be found in any number of places.  The desire usually comes when you utter those most profound words.  "I just don't want to live like this anymore".  Once you do the action is put into motion to begin to focus in on the work that will bring about the change.  The belief is this process appeared to be rampant in our house one day a few years ago when my 6 year old proved out his own belief.  He had one of those days when the discipline wand was out a bit more than normal.  Playing his DS too long.  Having to be asked about a hundred times to do anything.  If you have kids you have heard this drill before.  Anyway, he was walking up the stairs ahead of me and my wife was standing on the landing at the top.  Jonah stopped and turned to me asking "Daddy, could you build a machine for me?"  (he thinks I can build anything-please don't burst his bubble)  "Sure buddy" I said "What do you want"  "Well" he said "I would like a machine that you put pieces of a person's hair into it and a robot of them comes out the other side except the robot is really nice.  "I'll see what I can do" I told Perspectives - The Power to Change from Within by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)him.  "Whose hair do you want to put in" I asked.  I should have seen it coming.  "Yours daddy".  I thought my wife was going to fall downstairs she was laughing too hard.  Was I too hard on him?  Maybe a bit.  Did he believe with all of his heart even I could change?  You bet.  For us all I guess therein lies the lesson.  We really can change.  Just ask a 6 year old.  Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy
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