And Justice For All

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.23.45 PM This was the name of a fascinating movie with Al Pachino in the late 1970's.  The news that reverberated around the world yesterday brought this phrase to mind. It was almost 15 years ago in Toronto when I drew in a deep breath before turning the microphone on to go live on air after the towers fell. After tens of thousands of hours of media coverage justice was serveda couple of years ago on a name that has become emblazoned into our lexicon. Osama bin Laden. The news flash. We got him. He's dead. I understood the attention that this story garnered. I understood the emotions of those affected.  I understood the cache of the story where the good guy kills the bad. I also understand that I am likely a lone voice whispering into the hurricane. Pared against all the great stories that never even saw one drop of ink, it appears unfair. Unlikely. Unjustified. The reality is that the media may never bring us the stories of victory and triumph. Courage and kindness. You must be the reporter. You must seek it out. You must turn your back on the gale force of negative and seek light, not darkness. If we do this. If more and more people do this, maybe, just maybe, one day this will all change. When it does, for all those who work and toil and change and improve the lives of others every day we just may be able to say. And justice for all. Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor CalltoAction_TwoBooks  
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