A Footprint In The Snow

A FootprintToday's perspective is not about work.  It's about reflection.  As the year draws to a close we can look back on the past year and ponder the road ahead.  So much of everything we do throughout life comes down in the final analysis to what we did.  The difference we made.  The impact we left.  The footprints our time here left behind.   Tonight sitting watching a Christmas movie with our daughter an ad came on from a charitable organization sharing the plight of impoverished children around the world.  The bold text on the screen set on a black background said it all.  A child will die every five seconds, again and again and again and again.  I looked at my little girl and a huge lump came to my throat thinking for just a second what it is like for the parents of the children who die every five seconds.   I did all I could.  I jotted down the number, picked up the phone and made two pledges.  One for each of my kids.  We already sponsor a few others but I was overwhelmed by how easy it was and the juxtaposition of this small act and the pile of Christmas presents under the tree.  Here's what I urge you to do.  Pick up the phone, call one of the wonderful charitable organizations who work tirelessly round the world saving the lives of one child at a time.  At this time of the year when our focus going to giving know because of the incredible good fortune you and I have every day that you can do that great thing.  You can leave a footprint in the snow.   Be well,   Randy Taylor  

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