Breakthrough Coach

Designed to meet the needs of the senior financial advisor looking to take their practice and life to the top.


Taylormadeleadership is a recognized leader in the development, delivery and results driven success of professional development programs specific to the financial services industry.  Our programs have received national accreditation from two of the largest financial services companies in Canada.  

The Breakthrough Coach Program was designed to meet the needs of the senior

financial advisor looking to take their practice and life to the top.   It is quite common to achieve a certain level of success, normally above the industry average and then plateau.  There are many factors at play including service related, psychological, structural and creative changes necessary to break through current limitations.  Playing at the top requires all areas to be aligned and all potential to be advantaged.


This program covers a full 12 months of intensive hands on coaching and focuses on the key elements of senior practice development and management. The overriding philosophy of the program is to focus on the attraction and development of a high net worth client practice. There are 7 key elements to the program, which will be delivered in a live all day session with attendees.

All program materials are included in the program. Following the presentation of the 7 key elements, each client will then enter into a process of monthly personal one on one coaching covering each specific each element guiding you through the process from start to completion. We believe this is the cornerstone to the Breakthrough Coach program to ensure clarity, application and most importantly accountability. Clients are also contacted daily with respect to the program’s progress and have unlimited access to Randy Taylor for assistance at any time. As with all Taylormadeleadership programs we guarantee your results.

1-Activity accelerator

The activity accelerator is designed to gain control over daily actions and activities with the focus on the utilization of the best and most effective use of your time. Past clients have said that this one exercise alone will at minimum double productivity and income.

2-Creating your why

This module implements one of the most powerful strategies and business presentation approaches with the key to providing an approach to differentiate yourself from all others in the marketplace.

3-Client base re-alignment

Re-aligning your client base is essential to allow for the correct focus of activity with the right clients, paving the way for a high net worth client practice. Client base re-alignment will provide the structure and necessary time to move to the next level of developing and maintaining a high net worth practice.

4-Relationship mastery

All business development and grow begins and ends with relationships. This module will provide the tools and implement the key steps and strategies necessary to create and solidify relationships with high net worth clients. Relationship based first impressions are essential to attract new clients as well as create an unbreakable bond with existing clients.

5-Team development

One of the primary elements necessary in attracting and securing high net worth clients is related to trust and belief. This element will implement the key structure that will prove you worthy of securing high net worth clients and delivering on the complexities of their financial lives.

6-Superserving A+ clients

Proving value and maintaining loyalty with current high net worth clients will come about through the delivery of a superior level of service. This module will provide a creative, structured and managed approach to super serve all high net worth clients. This is essential in securing and replicating the exact clients you wish to replicate.

7-The Platinum referral process

The referral methodology of each advisor can and should be unique and personal to the individual. This module will provide 3 specific proven referral approaches designed to meet the clients personality as well as that of the advisor. Replicating your A+ clients is a cornerstone to the Breakthrough Coach program.

The Coach

Throughout your entire year you will be working with only one coach. The creator of this programandpresidentofTaylormadeleadership,RandyTaylor. Randyhasquicklybecomeone of the leaders in the world of personal growth and leadership. Eight years ago Randy formed Taylormadeleadership. Through his own personal experience and study for over thirty years he has developed several personal and professional development programs including “The Winner Within”, “EPIC”, “Leaders Edge” coaching and now “Breakthrough Coach”.

These programs have received national accreditation from some of the largest financial services companyinCanada. Randynowcoachesseniormanagementandadvisorsinthetopfinancial servicescompaniesinthecountry. HisclientlistincludesInvestorsGroup,Motorola,Accenture, National Bank, Invesco Trimark, Freedom 55, Xerox, Desjardins, ReMax Realty, Petro Canada, Kraft Foods, The Government of Canada, London Life, Brookfield Homes and many more.

The Next Step

“Inspired thought is the seed of all that is possible. Action is the fuel necessary to bring it to life”. If what you have read has resonated with your desire to take your business and life to the next level I am excited to work with you. We have programs beginning in your area in the near future. Enrollment for each group is limited and we ask that you register early. In the interim if you have any questions please contact:
“The Power to Change From Within”

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"I had the privilege of being introduced to Randy late in 2010 and knew from our very first conversation he had something different to offer. All too often industry coach have great talks but don't have the knowledge or material to make them a highly valued part of an advisor's success. Randy is unique in that he brings passion, knowledge and commitment along with his bag of tools. The result, best year of my career to date, daily resources I use and will continue to use. Knowledge that Randy's commitment is genuine and sincere. Randy brings what ...
Stephen Palmer


"Randy Taylor was brought in to coach my team with The Winner Within. As we have had experience with coaches before my people were hesitant at first. That soon changed. Randy was able to connect with my people and myself and provided exceptional value in not only his clear understanding of the steps necessary to achieve goals but also in providing the tools necessary to succeed. Great job Randy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow".
Mark Evanylo

Manager Bell Canada real estate

Randy Taylor’s coaching program “The Leadership Within” is a powerful program that helped me to transform not just one area of my life, but several.  What I liked about the program is that it is holistic in its approach, with all my goals being worked on at the same time and on all different levels.   The program helped me to remove the blocks that were stopping me from seeing my potential.   I had tried other “new age” and coaching methods previously, but none deliver the permanent positive life changes ...
Hazel Lamarre

Randy Taylor’s Winner Within coaching program has had a profound impact on my personal and business life. You simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to work with Randy.  Jamie Cote-CFP 
Jamie Cote


I have been in the financial services industry for the past 35 years and have spent a great deal to time and money attending many seminars and coaching programs, including the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).I can assure you that participation in Randy Taylor's coaching program , has by far , been the most valuable investment of time and money that I have ever made. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their personal and business lives and want to become the best that they can possibly be.   
Keith Jansen

To anyone considering taking part in Randy’s program, I have one small piece of advice: just do it! For me, the experience has been one that truly removed the veil of doubt from over my eyes and opened my sight to the true possibility of my own potential. The assignments Randy provides make you really look within yourself and discover truths that were either forgotten or never discovered to begin with. They provide action and accountability, key ingredients to the success of one’s goals. On top of the coaching, Randy always makes himself available to share ...
Elena Barone


“"Randy Taylor was brought in to coach my team with The Winner Within. As we have had experience with coaches before my people were hesitant at first. That soon changed. Randy was able to connect with my people and myself and provided exceptional value in not only his clear understanding of the steps necessary to achieve goals but also in providing the tools necessary to succeed. Great job Randy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow".
Mark Evanylo

Bell Canada Manager-Real estate division

When working in an entrepreneurial environment there are many things you can be doing all the time, which can lead to confusion at work and home. Randy's program helped me focus on what was important Consequently my actions and results changed dramatically and I had one my most successful years both at home and work. 
Tim van Pinxteren

CFP, BSC, Division Director, Investors Group

I started being coached by Randy Taylor 6 months ago, and since coming under his tutelage I have seen a noticeable and ever-increasing improvement in my efficiency and organization. During this period my business has doubled year over year. This quantum shift in my performability has allowed me to get in front of numerous high net worth clients whilst preparing me to better facilitate their needs. Randy is a highly motivating financial lifestyle enhancement specialist and I owe the lion's share of my newfound success and revitalization to him. This program is the cream of the crop, ...
Naunidh Singh Hunjan

Naunidh Singh Hunjan (Nona) CLU, CHS, EPC

Randy creates breakthroughs. He helps you get balance, focus -- and direction. Double your income.
Julian Wise

Wise Advisory

Over a period of many years as an investment advisor, I had listened to numerous tapes or attended seminars given by "motivational" speakers. There was always a missing link that left audience members, especially me, asking the question…how??? What is the process? Randy Taylor has done exactly that for me. Over the past 14 months, my "book size" has increased by over 15% and I achieved a record level in revenue production.
This in what can easily be described as one of the most tumultuous financial periods in recent history. I credit Randy with helping ...
Albert Brandstatter

National Bank Financial

"I've had the privilege of knowing and working with Randy for a number of years. I've always been fascinated with his personable approach and the unique perspective he brings to each presentation. I would recommend Randy and his sevices unconditionally to any individual looking to maximize the inner power that exists in all of us."
Jon Juras-Regional

Director-Investors Group Hamilton

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